Friday, August 12, 2016

Rebel Without A Cause

Happy Friday!
I hope you're doing fine. It start raining almost every morning but in the end of the days the sun shines so beautiful. I had so many thing to do at school that's why I don't have time to blog. And coming next week will be more stressful for me.
I write at least once a week would be okay. 
Last week on Saturday  I saw this pink jacket on Zara website. This pink jacket kicked my eyes right away. Such a beautiful! I almost ordered it home but then Robin needed his things from Helsinki. Sunny Sunday we drove to Zara shop in Helsinki.
I couldn't find any pink jackets, even the site said it's on stock.
Robin recommend to ask a worker. Luckily, they had it. But I still wonder why they don't have them in the shop. Now I know if I want sonething from Zara, I should ask.
This jacket is my new lover. It reminded of the pink ladies from Grease.
I knew I had to wear it with penciil skirt and Today I was with Robin at garage.
What a nice car he has! But I never drive on it. I'm looking forward when car is fixed.
Have a nice weekend! <3

Jacket : Zara / Skirt : H&M / Earrings & belt : Seppälä / James Dean necklace : My d.i.y


  1. This is a great look. I love your top.

  2. Nice outfit! I loved your site and I invite you to visit me if you want!



  3. Great pics and cute look!