Saturday, August 27, 2016

Valentino By Mario Valentino Bag

Hello Saturday!
I'm so glad when it's weekend. Cause I have more time to relax.
It often sounds like I'm lazy but I'm. I'm Justus  exhausted. 
Yesterday I got my packet from Zalando. It's Valentino By Mario Valentino bag!
There are two reasons I bought this bag, firstly for study hard for school and secondly for my birthday. This's a birthday gift from myself , which is very earlier. 
My birthday is next month. 
Well, well, I couldn't wait for it. I saw many beautiful  bags and had difficult to chose only one bag but I realized shoulder bags are the bags I use often.  
At first I wanted a white bag but red is melted my eyes. I'm happy with the bag.
Now I got my birthday gifts from my mom and from myself. They're both red cute things.  For my birthday this year I wish more red gifts.  So they fit together. 
Only one wish makes me happy is my family happy and healthy.

Happy weekend! <3