Sunday, August 21, 2016

Crayfish Party

Hello Sunny!
Has anyone a sweet night? For me, yay and nah.... 
We had Crayfish party yesterday. It was such a lovely moment! I miss having my friends around me.
The one thing it missed on the table was Thai spicy dip. I was little stressed yesterday then I forgot.
As we knew this tradition is from Swedish. Jenni tasted crayfish the first time.
This tradition has already spread to Finland's Swedish. But not everyone celebrates here in Finland.
I wondered why Robin never tasted crayfishes then I got to knew this few months ago. 
I lived in Mariehamn before, we get more traditions from Sweden. 
And my mom had also Crayfish party yesterday. I missed her too.
I always think off her home made food. 
Yesterday was a nice day for us. It would be better if Robin only knew that he's not a good drinker.
 At first I was angry at him when I saw what he did but it was funny in the end. Poor, Robin!

Have  a nice day!

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