Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Kids

 I love this picture! And look at William behind Sara. So cute!

Time to say good bye.

What a crazy moment! I don't know how long Diana's family were here.
Maybe the kids were too excited. They ran, cried and fought to each other.
I love seeing the kids. But I don't think that I can be able to take care of them.
Well, I'm not ready to be a mom yet.
Lucky you, Diana! Big applause to you. The mother of the year. 
The kids are cute. So we can all forgive them for being crazy sometimes.
It's just a nature thing.
Oh! And the one good thing when they were here, we talked about bags.
Diana just got Micheal Kors bag. Of course, his man isn't happy with it.
We are women. We love beautiful things. And we love brand names bags.
It's funny to hear our men's opinions. :D
Sadly, you love her. There's nothing you can do. :D

Good Night Finland.<3


  1. Tack för att vi fick komma :).
    ps. min michael kors väska är inte äkta :( MEn någon dag kommer jag att ha den som äkta ;)

  2. Haha😄 spela för roll. Du måste vara snäll med din man. Så kanske han köpte en äkta åt dig. 😉