Thursday, September 24, 2015

Into The Blue

Jacket & Scarf : H&M
Shoes : American Apparel 

We were only 7 in the course yesterday. We had no ideas where the others were, even teacher can't give us the answer.
The class went okay. But I don't know what actually happened in the night.
All the stupid things came up to my mind. I broke down and cried.
 I wished I would turn back the time, wished it never happened.
Don't wanna remember that thing anymore.
Sometimes we never realized all little things can stuck into our heads and hurt us so badly.
   Yes! I need to call a doctor.
All I know I should have a new hobby or just take a walk around this town.
Maybe it will help.

Have A Nice Day. <3

I love the color of the fall but hate the rain.

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