Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shopping Day

Robin enjoyed milk shake & Ice-cream coffee. Kiss <3

Asia products

Time for shopping! My mom sent me money as a birthday present.
So we spent it today.
Firstly  we went to Asia shop, nearly our place.
 Every time I walk in to the shop, I never know what exactly do I need. All I can think about is candy. 
I always hope that they have more vegetables in the shop. Sadly, they don't have!
I just grabbed whatever I can think to make this week.
Later after Asian shop, Robin took me to his previous work place and met Robin's godmother.
She's quite nice but It's wired. Specially relationship between his godmother and his family.
I'm glad this is free land and thank god! This is not Thailand.
If I put their story in the book and sale it in Thailand. It would be the best seller book.
And it would be the talk of the town drama serie in Thailand. Okay! Move on!
Let not to talk about it again!

I should save money for our new apartment. But come on... my birthday is coming.
And I told myself I really need that beautiful sailor necklace and earrings.
They are so cute!
 My eyes melted always when I first saw them but I decided not to buy it.
( I just wanna show Robin that I'm not a shopaholic.)
The necklace, earrings and tights from a shop in Jumbo shopping mall.
And Robin luckily found his new shoes in Itis.
Finally, I can see him dress up like a smart engineer. :D 
Tomorrow back to Kouvula. 

Good Night<3

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