Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lamykin's Cookhouse

It was such a wonderful day. 
I made myself ready for our date. I also wrote him a letter and hid it in his laptop.
Robin and I had dinner in Lamykin's Cookhouse yesterday.
When we're out to any restaurants, I always scared of getting the big dishes or too much greasy food.
Sorry! I still don't used to it.
I ordered a Kana Aura. ( I guessed what the name is. )
 Kana means chicken, the only thing I know and eat.
And Robin ordered hamburger. We liked the food, not often I think the food is food.
I ate almost the whole dish. :D
After the dinner we went to the cinema, we saw Maze Runner 2. 
Damn it! When we finished, we walked out from the cinema.
We didn't know where the hell we were. 
The mall closed and the the cinema was the other side of the mall.
Thank you, my high heels are not so high. We walked to get our car.
I remember it happened on our first date too.
Third day in the Finnish course, must study and make dinner for Robin now.
Have A Nice Day. <3

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