Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Good News

I finished my easy d.i.y top on Monday. It looks great. Isn't it? :)
I cut the middle section and the bottom of the top.
I left the neckline cause it looks better when the strap crosses and my sewing machine won't work with thick fabrics.
For the hooks I cut to small pieces from the left fabrics and for the strap cut a long and small width, sew it and tie the knots. It fits great!

My boyfriend and I went back to Kouvola to see apartments and I just got a message from him.
We got an apartment, nearly to railway station. 
The apartment is definitely messed but we can afford it and clean it up. There's no big deal!
The environment abound apartment is fine and green. Lot of tress!  
I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night. Now I have to start packing.


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