Saturday, September 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home

In the card says Congratulation to your first home. <3 Wishing Mom

Robin's mom, his sister and Mikeal visited us today. He made coffee and  baguettes. 
The couch should be here in the morning before they came. 
But sometimes we can get what we wished for
So we had to stand up in the kitchen and had coffee.
I got mini orchids, chocolates and a card from his mom. She said they are my birthday presents. :)
And we get a marimekko card with money. 
Babo is always nice, always gets gifts to us.
I really love those mini orchids. Now I got good decoration.
I've been tried to decorate our apartment and find the inspiration, but I'm not happy with that yet.
Half of my things are still in Åland.
We still need some furniture. We will find things when money comes. :D

 Here are the decoration in our apartment.

Living Room

Little Closet 

Starts with my door's wallpaper. I got a paper for one euro, covered perfectly on the door, fasted the Chanel powder box and H&M bag on the paper.
Look great, isn't ?

Robin gave me a heart bowl on Christmas, I used it to collect my anchor earrings.

Made a glass and candle jar to bracelet holders. 

Bed Room

The bed room seems so cleaned.
 I'm going to move some of my clothes here so that Robin's shirts can be in the closet.

Good night. <3

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