Friday, September 18, 2015

Grunge Inspiration

Chocker & suspender skirt : H&M 
Hourglass necklace : Got from my best friend

I always have fun when I dress up myself. It's just a way to get rid off with a another boring day 
I always wanted to dress in 90's but have little budget.
So I just put whatever I think it will match. 
I turned the back of  my skirt to the front, flipped in the middle strap in and tied a bow to insecure. 

 Before I turned my skirt.
Credit : Poshmark

After dinner we picked up the kitchen table and chairs from Mikeal in Porvoo.
Thank you!
Robin is very tired, he's already in the bed. 
Still, I still thinking  what am I going to make for his godmother and her boyfriend?
Thai food?
 And some good new, Robin found the fashion school in here.
I'm kinda interested but I don't know how hard to get in there and plus 
would I be able to understand Finnish quickly for a year?
A year?
 Right now I'm still confused with Te, Me, He. ( You more than 1 person, We, They )
My parents didn't create me to Einstein. I know I can do it but it will more than a year.

Now I must say good night before I fall asleep in the couch.

Good Night Finland<3 Hyvää Yötä [hoo'-vaa oo'-ta]

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