Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pink Tropical

Is it still summer or am I just dreaming?
Robin got a call today, they wanted him for an interview. :)
So our plan on Saturday have to change and tomorrow I will come with him to Kouvola.
Also he has to help his stepfather fix something in the cabin on Saturday . 
Surely it will take whole day. I came yesterday on Saturday will be our one and a haft years together.
We went for shopping, I bought strawberries for 5 € . Tomorrow I'm going to make pork satay .
After I fail with my Thai cooking all the time. Wish mom were here!
The curry got my nails yellow. :S I hope it get away tomorrow.
 And big hope for Robin tomorrow!
Love you and good night. <3

Today look : Pink Tropical

Dress, fringe top and R earrings : Thailand
Bag : Jatujak Market
Love bracelets : Bought it for 9 years ago.
Bracelets : Accessorize, A gift from Stella. <3

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