Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday Saturday and Sunday Night

We arrived  to Kouvula before 2 p.m. , It seems like a nice city but I've never heard about this city.
Robin was in the building for his interview.
Meanwhile I waited him in the car, I had to pee but I thought the interview won't take so long. 
I can wait. I waited,waited.... There no sight of him.
After 1 and a haft hours, I couldn't move my self anymore. -_-
Finally he came. He said the interview went great. But honey, I almost pee in the car.
We didn't do any extra. We just went to a big shopping mall in Kouvula.
We had Koti Pizzas and straightly home cause Robin's mom's car break is broken. 
I asked her if she would like to taste my lazy pork satay. 
 My lazy pork satay tasted not bad at all. It was easy to make. 
But I didn't have massaman paste for the beans sauce so I used yellow curry past instead.

I was home alone again. I browsed the internet and sew some cute clothes that I wanna sew.
But do the pattern made me lazy already. I just cut lazy pattern and sew with my old fabric.
I'm not finish with it yet. It went bad with the button hole. 
I guess I must sew by hand. And it takes forever.
My mom sent me the pictures of a cat. They got a new member in Åland.
A cute maine coon. I can't wait to go back to Åland and hold him. :)

A normal Sunday for us.
We went to pharmacy. We found Vichy shampoo for hair-loss and some nails and hair tablets.
But I bought only shampoo. I'm going to test in today.
After visited in pharmacy, Robin showed me where the Finnish course location is.
I'm so excited. :)
 Robin made macaroni and I made a chicken broccoli stir for dinner.
After dinner we went to Jumbo shopping mall for a ice-cream dating. 
Robin sees me often wearing dresses. :)
That's why I chose a zipper pants with dead skulls decoration on t-shirt.
The matching accessories dead skulls earrings, dead skull ring and stud ring from
Avril Lavigne perfume bottle. 

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