Saturday, August 29, 2015

Next Station Kouvula

My boyfriend got a job in Kouvula. We're going to move there in 2 weeks, if we find an apartment.
 I sadly love Helsinki but wherever he goes, I'll stand by his side.
I've been looking to sew something for about a week. 
 I don't have any black or white fabrics left. But I always some old clothes in closet.
Yesterday I made quick and easy D.I.Y projects. 
I sew my halter to back criss-cross and a black top to a bow tank top.
 Today Diana's family are coming here for a lunch. :) I always want to see the kids.
What about Robin? Of course... he is about to leave in a second and party somewhere in Porvoo.
Go whatever you want. Do whatever you want. I don't mind!
I'm going to get ready and make a salad before they come.

Have A Nice Day! 

Friday Look
Tank Top : American Apparel
Skirt : H&M

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