Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Nordsjon Beach

Hello Tuesday!
I get headache every morning. :/ Don't know why it came back.
I couldn't be able to get up. I feel dead  in my bed.
On Saturday Robin took me to the Nordsjon beach, somewhere in Helsinki.
It was so hot and burn, It was properly 20 degrees plus . I have never imagined that.
I still feel shy as I usually, when I have a bikini on me.
In the pictures, it doesn't show that I'm so shy at all. But why not take a selfie?
How often do I go to the beach? Maybe once a year..
I love the sun and summer but I don't like spend myself on the beach.
Not that I'm afraid to get tanning skins like the other Asian girls, but I always get heat rash.
We were lying down there, just an hour. I guess! 
Then we took the quick pictures and went home directly to see the air show. 

 The Air Show
Carrie Hat : Bik Bok
Earrings : H&M
Jean Vest & Bikini : Thailand
Striped skirt : My D.I.Y
*Sun glasses : Beyond Retro 

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