Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What to wear in the car shows

Speak  of cars, Grease always comes up to my mind.
My boyfriend told me there is going to be American car show on Saturday.
Is it true? Tell me about it, stud. -_-
 When I go to all the car shows in Åland, I often wear vintage dresses or get inspiration from 50's.
And  yes, I forget my dresses from Beyond Retro in Åland. Amen.
But this time I think maybe I can wear something else?
But still 50's or maybe more black.
Who says? It isn't important what you wear?
Clothes always make me feel better and get all the negative things away from my head. 
Still, I can't decide what to wear.
Here some dresses I have here in Helsinki.

 Dress : Cyber Shop

 Dress : Oxygene

 Dress : Cyber Shop

Have a nice day<3

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