Friday, August 14, 2015

One week in Helsinki

 Monday Look
It's another a week  here, nothing happened lately.
I've been talking to my mom the whole weekend.
 I was pissed off with Robin's best girlfriend. She always calls him, when she is drunk.
I still don't understand her.
 So I  dressed up crazy and went out to the S-market, just a half an over before Robin came home.
He called me then I told him I was waiting for the buss. I'll visit my mom today. :D
I didn't know he gonna be really upset. :/ I'll never kidding with him again.

 Tuesday : They're growing.
I woke up in the morning. I was so excited to see my winged bean is growing.
Later that day, Diana, Magnus, Sandra and kids were here. 
I've been waiting to see the kids for a week. They're cute as always. :)
William is a big boy and his hair is growing, Julia is good girl but Sara is out of control.
I didn't expect it, when I saw Sara first time.

Winged bean
 Chinese Morning Glory & Kale
 Wednesday: Happy Mother's Day!
It was the Thai mother's day! Love you, mom!
And Chinese Morning Glory & Kale are growing! Finally!
 I just called my mom and after Robin finished his job, we bought roses and also visited Robin's mom.
In previous months I've been thinking too much. That my hair is falling out.
I'm always scared to talk to someone.
But it was such a great time and I was glad,I have been open to talk with Robin's mom.

 Thursday : Shopping
Actually, I didn't remember what is the name of shopping mall that we went.
Robin and I had many plans to do in weekend but one of the plans is we're going to the beach on Saturday. I sadly don't wanna swim or take off my hat. 
Cause half of my hair is gone. 
I bought new bikini in Thailand and I'm pretty sure that I don't wanna wear my black hat.
 I bought a Finnish- Thai book and a white hat from Bik Bok.
Bik Bok, you save my hair and my life.

It's Friday!
It's Friday! I found Robin's old stuff from 7 grade. :) 
Not reality interesting but when I saw his diary.
It was so funny to read about what he wished himself to be in 10 years.
In the same time, it was hard to read and understand his hand writing. :D

'' After ten years, I'll be twenty-three years old and I'm going to work as a chief in Fazer.
I'll have a wife and two kids, a girl who is one year and a boy is ten months.''
Yes! Honey, you are twenty-five years old. No wife, no two kids and no house. :D
You're suck!
I love you honey! <3