Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Extremely Hair Loss

My hair started to lose in May ( That what I remember.) 
People said I was only stressed myself too much. I believe them! It was growing back.
But a month after that my hair was losing more and more.
And right now the back of hair is almost bald. 
I'm very sick of getting hair loss everyday. I've searching all the internet, how to get rid with it.
 But it isn't just taking tablets and using anti hair-loss shampoo.
I must eat healthy too.
Even my hair is growing but I can still see it isn't strong, it still falls as usually. 
I used Vichy Shampoo twice now. I think hair is a bit softer. :) ( May be it's imagination?) 
 And I decided that I should try any hair vitamin tablets. 
 So Robin and I went to pharmacy yesterday and bought Biottini. 
Hopefully, it will help my hair growing back faster.

In June. 
I'm scared to put a picture of what my hair looks like now.
But maybe later.

Have A Nice Day. <3

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