Friday, October 2, 2015

Can't Blame Love, Blame Youself

I planed to go out for a walk yesterday. But it was raining whole day.
There's why I got an energy to sew couch cover. Still not done.
Then yesterday I lost my minds again. I wrote a post yesterday.
What I really meant with it is I just tried to explain what was thing that stuck in my head.
 It meant no harm!
After a moment Diana sent me a massage. 
My tears fell down all over my phone screen before I opened a massage.
( I use tea bags everyday to get rid with under eye bags. I cried 5 minutes they came back.) T_T 
Anyway, I was so scared like hell, what she texted to me. But it wasn't what I was thinking at all.
She tried to help. Well, another nurse is helping!
Last time Kwan treated me like a patient. That when I noticed I don't feel great anymore. 
I can't blame love, I have to blame myself.
I had a feeling that I can't be alone. So I tried to go out more.
Well, just run around to all the shops. It made me feel better.

I love this Jumpsuit but hate to wear it. Because a zipper is on the back side.
Guess how hard it is when we go to ladies' room without a friend? Blah. :P
My tip is never wear it on the date.

I love Robin like that first day we met.  
Now I love him even more and I can't see myself without him.