Friday, October 16, 2015

Cyst in my chest

 What to start... let start with my Tuesday.
As I said I had very pain in my chest, still had headache. 
I got a visited a doctor in the Healthy Center on Tuesday. Robin drove me there and said what I should do. I walked straight to information? And asked a woman where should I go and wait.
Well.. She spoke Finnish like I would understand her. No! But I saw she pointed her finger up.
So I guessed it means second floor.
I walked to second floor. Now it made me really confused. Should I be here or what?
I texted Robin whole time. Then a woman said in Finnish about take a queue number. 
I gave a answer directly, sorry I speak English. Then she was quite.
It was messy that day to not understand what people said.
But I finally got to see the doctor. I saw a man walked in the room.
Oh my god! The doctor is a man. Yes, I didn't notice before?
Mixed of feelings flew to my mind. First thing I can think, do I have to get half naked in front of him?
We sat down and talked. I showed him what my hair look like now.
He had the same options like the others. I lost my hair it may depend on chemical products, stress and birth control pills. But he said it's not usually.
It's not easy to understand the words the doctor used but it was okay.
I tried to say what I felt in my left chest.
It didn't work that well so I googled a picture and showed to him. 
He quickly stood up and said let's me see if you have breast cancer.
Here came the awkward moment. -_- Ha ha! I don't wanna think about.
After he checked it, he told me that he is going to send me to hospital. But it will take few weeks.
You have to X-ray and ultrasound. I totally understand the X-ray but ultrasound?
Okay. Well let see what happens later. It's just a small cyst.
I hope it's not bad news

Why I always raise my eyebrows in every picture??

While I was waiting for Robin. I was in a cafe in the Healthy Center and took a walked to a park.
I had a long conversation with Jennifer. Tomorrow I'm going to meet her in Helsinki.
Robin acted little dumb after I told him a doctor my chests. Ha ha.
You know what? I've been waiting to see you in this moment. :D 

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