Sunday, October 11, 2015

October Fest

Sadly, sassy, stupidly Saturday. 
Saturday was the most irritated day of the year!

Robin and I were very happy for a few days now and we are glad to make up things right.
I can feel my head weights only 2% of my body. 
I did pinky swear with Robin that we never fight again with stupid things.
As they said happiness won't last forever.  
Suddenly I had pain in my chests on Friday night, it hurt so badly like I thought 
I would never gonna wake up to see my mom again.
I didn't take any pills cause I do not wanna harm my livers.
Next morning I woke with the pain again, I got texts from Jennifer and Robert.
(Normally they never send me any texts in the morning. I see the bad things may happen today.)
I ran to bathroom and got the fucking nosebleed. 
Thank you a lot! Karma.
Robin and I planed to visit Lahti. When we sat in the car.... unfortunately our car didn't start.
I thought we have to stay home today. But Robin fixed the battery.
We started our day with smiles.  
Perhaps a half way to Lahti, I got surprisingly from someone I don't used to talk.
I firstly thought maybe it sent to a wrong person.
And my tears dropped so Robin heard me cry again. 
Then he was irritated with me cause I didn't want to say what was going on. 
When I tried to forget bad things, I hope no one will mention it again.
Well well....... Whatever you all are thinking or thought or heard from someone.
It's already over. And I tried explain 1000 times. But people still don't understand.
Okay! It's fine. Whatever you wanna do, do it. I'm happy with him so.....
Let's not kill a karma, let's not start a fight.
If you think it isn't fair. Maybe you should try to light incense sticks and pray to Buddha.
 Maybe he will hear you. You don't have to worry. When I'm dead, I will be straight to the hell.
I know I created bad karma in many years. So we all do.
We were so irritated all day. Robin tried to calm me down.
Robin normally thinks when I say ''I love him'' too often means nothing.
But I heard he said that 8 letters to me all day and I said sorry to him for ruining our day.
My head weights more than my weight that what I felt.
Back to Kouvola, Robin called and booked a table for us last night in Restaurante Olé.
It was October Fest. Sorry I know nothing about it. 
I can definitely say they serve good food. I wished I was more happier.  
I'm just typical Thai. When I eat good food, I always think of my mom and family.
Thinking how much they will enjoy what we had in front of our table.
Robin enjoyed mostly beverage. Wine, beer and Irish Coffee. Typical Robin. :D
Wow! What a long post!
Well Good Night Finland!

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