Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Vocation


Last week on Thursday I woke up in the darkness, I walked directly to kitchen for a glass of water.
I saw something stood on the table. I guessed I haven't woken up yet so I thought it was an alien. :D
 Then I looked closer it was a bunch of roses. :) I love when my boyfriend is a little romantic. 
Almost two years that we fight and love.
Things are great now, only people don't bring stupid things up again.
Around 2 p.m we started to drive to Helsinki. While we were on the road, my right eye twisted.
I thought positively thinking nothing bad will happen. All I want is to see my mom!
We arrived to Helsinki and left our car on his stepfather's yard then he drove us to harbor.

 We had a dinner in the ferry. It seemed like there was no sits for us in the restaurant.
But we got our table. Our table was closer to a partner, who ordered salmon menu.
I felt directly how bad it smelled and it was stupid idea to order greasy food like pasta. 
Lately that evening the ferry started to sway. What a bad day!
My body didn't feel okay. It was the first time for me that the ferry swayed like hell.
Robin drank a beer, I had ice-cream and tea after dinner and we played some games.
Then we moved our legs back to our cabin. The ferry swayed even more. I felt dead!
I know that I started to be paranoid more often than before.
 I tried to sleep but I woke up all the time. 
The weather scared me so much and Jack and Rose's story flew in to my mind.
I told myself, please don't leave us with the fishes in the middle of nowhere in the ocean.
I still want to see my mom! Thank god! The ferry arrived in Mariehamn but a half an hour late.
Well... better than be in the ocean.  

I got cash again.
Robert picked us up around 5 a.m. When we came in to my old bedroom, their cat wanted to come in.
They named him Hansen. 
It screamed in few minutes. I don't want cats in the bed, I don't care how cute they are.
They lose hair so much that's why.
Then Hansen didn't want me to hold him at all. It always wanted to play with mom.
My mom made Sukiyaki ( Japanese soup ) I ate in 2 days and robin got a try.
In the evening We went to meet his friend in Dino's. I sat there few minutes and ran off to meet Suksi.

R.I.P Rut. We always love you.

On Saturday we visited Tor. He's always talkative. He talked almost with Robin.
Everything I come to visited Tor. I always look at their old pictures. 
I have a copy of Rut's photo here. I still don't  understand why I do that but I always question myself,
do you think if love is real or it's just drama we play?

Now it's 1 p.m. Robin is coming to pick me up soon to Hospital.
Have a nice day. <3

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