Monday, October 5, 2015

Our Day

 Good day Finland!

First of all, I'm not pregnant! Thank god.
We spend our Saturday together in Helsinki and Porvoo.
( It was such a nice day until I broke my phone. )
Our first stop was in Antique Anna Cafe. There's a cafe and a shop inside.
 We walked quickly around the shop.
It's really cute inside. I would like to have a tea there but we had many things to do.
And we continued to our destination Helsinki.
We went to Asian shops and bought some vegetables and rice.
 Around 3 O'clock we were in Robin's stepfather and had dinner with Diana's family.
Surprisingly, Robin's Honda was sold later that day.
I planed to have  a cool picture of us with his Honda on summer.
But when Robin was there in Mariehamn. It was pouring rain.
So we didn't have any pictures of us. :/
I planed to have tight pants and tank top. But I didn't have it with me on Saturday.
At least we have pictures of nice with it. I'm gonna miss it, missing sit behind him on his mc.
Now he's very happy! :P 
After he finished with his business, we drove to Porvoo and stopped at Gas station for hot dogs.
When I stepped out from the car, my phone fell down to the ground.
I picked it up and  I thought it was such a dirty on the screen.
Wait! It's not. I broke my screen. 
Well, that was our Saturday. 
Thank you Robin for being nice to me all day. :D
I better get work!

Have a nice day! <3

<3 Can anyone take battery out of Sara? This little girl always has so much energy. <3


  1. Sara och William har samma miin :D Båda händerna i munnen :D