Thursday, October 8, 2015


H&M : Head to toe
R ring : My D.I.Y

Hello Thursday!
I can't describe how am I feeling like now.
I only know my stomach is over full.
As you can see, I got hair. I mean wig. It's not real human hair but it's okay for me to wear it.
It's strange to see myself  with really long hair.
I was so excited to go with hair again. I got myself ready around 2 p.m.
Robin picked me up to Huo Hin Thai restaurant here in Kouvola.
It's just like the other Thai restaurant but I don't know I think it's little special.
They have so many menu which we can't decide what to order.
We ordered first Thung Tong for appetizer.
( I remember when I made it in school. )
I ordered Shrimps with tamarind sauce and Robin ordered A duck menu.
When the food laid down on the table. I knew it I won't be able to finish it. T_T
Even Robin thought the same and this time he didn't help me at all.
I tried to eat but still to much food for me. But it's so delicious!
And it made my homesick disappear just a second. 
My stomach is really hurt right now. 
I guess that how the tamarind sauce works.....

Good night <3

Well.... Look fake but who cares? :P

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