Sunday, November 15, 2015

Busy Saturday

I purchased new camera on Friday. It made me smile whole evening. :)
On Saturday we drove to Porvoo as usually. (We are often there.)
I met her outside bus station, we went to book store and off course Jenni's favorite store on earth, Marimekko. Jenni always loses money to Marimeko. I don't remember what she bought this time. 
Then we went to Cafe Cabriole. It located in the middle of the town.
The cake was too sweet for me but it was good. 
I know I complained a lot about everything, I guessed nothing is  wrong 
with them but something is wrong with me. 
However, I love being in cafe. I miss Wibox Cafe in Tammisaari and Retro Cafe in Karjaa.
I would love to do often if I have closest friends here.
Jenni came to Provoo to pack her last belongings. I'm glad to hear that she studies again.
We also met Margarita before we walked away from cafe.
Nothing happened to my life yet and a doctor said that I'm fine. Thank god I don't have a cancer!

All the picture I took from my canon camera except a picture on me, it from Jenni's phone.

After said good bye to Jenni, Robin took me to Subway.
He must loves Subway so much. We just were in subway in Kouvola lately.
What can I say? They are so good!
Then we went early to Robin's godmother house for coffee. I love to see in her bedroom.
Love the decoration she has there. I can't take my eyes off!
We were there 2 hours. Later we were running late to his friend's house.
They planed to sauna and after sauna to the cinema. 
We saw James bond. It was lovely and big cinema in Porvoo. 
And after an hour long driving, we came home at 1 a.m. 
What a nice day!

Good night Finland. <3

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