Sunday, November 29, 2015

Little Christmas

Hello Sunday!
Yesterday we were in Helsinki again. We haven't have our free weekends in weeks.
But next week we gonna try to spending more time with each other. 
We got candy jar and chocolate advent calendars from Robin's mom.
We also visited his stepfather after that. 
I didn't feel very well yesterday, I knew what was on my mind. I'm trying to forget.......
However, I was more excited to see the kids. 
This time Julia came and played with me. Of course she pulled my wig.... -_- She had fun, I guessed?
Taking photo of them is the hardest thing more than catch a ghost on camera. 
The girls were so shy and moved their heads away, when they saw my camera.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Så svårt att hitta fina bilder när barnen rörde sig mycket. :D <3