Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wednesday I Wear Black

Good day Finland.
I couldn't sleep last night. It's a nightmare when I have mouth ulcer ,
and this time is the worst cause I have it under my tongue.  I can barely eat or drink water.  
I was hungry and waking up all night.
All I can eat is yogurt.
I wasn't in the class last week. I felt totally lost yesterday.
It was no unexpected if I understand this or not. This language is mess. 
Soon this Finnish course is end. I still don't understand much. 
I use English and Swedish with my friends. So my Finnish doesn't go any where. :D 
It's also my fault that I haven't practiced so much. 
I hope it's getting better next year! 

Have a nice day. <3

Top & Legging : H&M
                           Earrings : bought some way in Helsinki
    Bolero jacket : old jacket 
Bow belt : Seppälä

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