Monday, November 23, 2015

What The Matter Is Love

Winter is arrived. It was snowing outside when we woke up on Saturday.
Here came my nightmare. I hate winter.
I wanna lock myself in our apartment and never leave out of the door.
We were at the party. I don't know how many people were there.
But it was a lot of adults. I felt ashamed that I couldn't behave on Saturday.
My mood swings changed me so fast. I hate sometimes when I talk about our future
with Robin, he always denied to listen and acted like he never heard what I said.
Specially when people mention if we're engaged yet or when we will have a kid?
Of course we've been talking about this all the time. That's why Robin always get sick.
We both agreed in 5 years we will have kid but before having kids, we will travel to many places.
We both have plans what we want to do before make a big step.
Robin wants to get his master degree and back pack with his friends. 
And they plan to go away for 6 months.
For me my plan is study but I don't know which way should I go? Right now I need a job.
We want to have better future together, cause people around us made mistakes in the past.
That's why we learned not to do the same.
What we are trying to do now is not only for us, is for our kid too.
Sometimes what we do in the present effects the future.

Specially thanks to her for party!

And thank you so much for food and cakes! Both Johanna and Diana!

Have a nice day! <3

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