Monday, November 2, 2015

Goodbye October

I woke up early on Friday. All I can think is painting my nails, which I haven't done it for 5 months.
I bought Chanel nail polish from Tax Free and it was on the sale. 
Even though it is Chanel but I won't pay 19 € for a nail polish. 
It isn't easy being a girl. That what I knew since I was kid. And the result look like a 5 years old was playing with mom's nail polish. XD I do not know why my hands were shaken so much.
Well...maybe beauty isn't my thing.
When Robin came, he asked if we want to out for a dinner. I said yes and picked dresses, thrown them on the couch.
 He turned his head and said directly it's too beautiful, we are just going to have some pizzas.
 Put some basic on for ex simple jeans and t-shirt. :D I picked another dress.
 He still thought it's beautiful. So I changed into jeans and t-shirt.
After I'm done with changing, he wondered if I want to go shopping then we can have dinner there.
You know how hard for a girl to find what to wear. :P
I changed again to a pink dress and quickly moved our legs to the shopping mall.
We had dinner at Mario. I finished almost a whole chicken burger dish. It was super delicious!  


It was a Halloween Day! A another year without Halloween costume.
Robin drove to Porvoo to helping his friend fix a car and visit his sister's family.
I didn't know where should I be waiting while he fixes a car 
and also Jennifer has moved back to Tammisaari.
I still have Mari in Lathi and it's the closest to Kouvoula. I sent her a message. 
Thank you that she answered!
She told me before that she's really bad at keep in touch with people. Neither do I.
I haven't seen her over a year. It's good to see her again and to hang out with old friend.
I don't trust people, specially now. 
When you let a new person in your life, you have to learn about that person. 
It's going to take a whole life to do it, if that person is worth to be in your life.
I have to say I'm really miss her.
 Since third year in school, before Christmas vocation Mari walked in to my room with happy face and told me a good new that I had been waiting to hear for over 2 years. 
( We lived in the same building in Tammisaari.)
My tears started to drop then I told her you don't need to tell me, I knew everything. 
I knew everything an hour before she came.
Then I saw her crying. Damn it! I made her cried!
I didn't know she cared so much about me. 
I spent a lot of time with her back in Tammisaari. It was good memories.
Anyway I met her at the railway station before 12 O' clock. It took a half an hour with train to Lathi.
After meeting her in the station, we took a bus to Exhibition.
It was like the other handicraft  Exhibition. But The doll house made us so wow.
I felt like being a small girl again. :) I saw a cute sewing machine and I bought it.
 After that we tried to go to the second hand shop but it closed just a minute we came. 
We walked back to the city and had pizzas at Rosso. Later we had teas and macarons in a cafe.
Mari said she loves macarons and they are good. So I tried again.
I am not a fan of macarons. I tasted many times, still think it's not nothing special. 
 Lucky me!
I tasted a good macaron once when I practiced in Salt Shop. One of the personals visited her daughter in French and bought the macarons with her.  
The last thing for me is I hope I'll see Mari again.

Have a nice day.

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