Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Black Friday

It's a black Friday! And everything is on sale?
I forgot to mention that I acquired Finnish citizenship. I'm stuck here with Robin forever. :D
So this morning we went to photo shop for getting a photo to my Finnish passport.
So exciting!!
 I wasn't planed to stay here forever but I think it's gonna be easy and a good opportunity to study 
somewhere in Europe. And of course Robin is one of the reasons.
That why I wanted Finnish citizenship, I did have a Swedish language test
 which I don't have to do that. Cause I already got vocational education. 
But I forgot to call and cancel it so I must go for the test.
 The test wasn't easy at all, I thought I'll never pass the test.
I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the paper. I wasn't bad at Swedish. :D I passed!
Robin is out and having a little Christmas dinner with his colleagues.
Before he left, we saw ''Say yes to the dress'' I'm pretty happy to hear his opinions
about the dresses on the show. 
Even Robin hates talking about marriage stuff with me. 
But there was some dresses that he didn't like and thought it was ugly.
My favorite dress from the show is a dress Emily Ellis tried on.
It was sweet heart neckline, crystal straps with long train. It was such a beautiful!!
But I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere.

Well, it's no rush. I still waiting for his question. :)
Good night.<3

A photo from summer.

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