Thursday, November 5, 2015

Catch Your Dream

It was another feel good day.
I finished one of my couch covers. So glad that I did, I've been waiting to get in better mood.
I thought I won't cut my fingers with a scissor.
 But then I did, I sniped little on my thumb with my slowly re-action. 
I acted like nothing happened and continued sewing tills I was done 
and saw some blood on the fabric.
Yesterday I was very activated, I did my Finnish homework few hours before the class.
And I put those clothes on me, I have no ideas why but I love it!
Well, our teacher always sends the homework to us every Tuesday. 
But this week I got homework on Monday. 
The class went okay for me. We got to play with the picture cards.
 I don't even know all the words about fruits, vegetables...e.t.c
I should buy a Finnish picture-dictionary. Maybe I will learn more.
The teacher told us for a long time that we should buy picture cards.
We never bought the cards.
He asked why don't we have picture cards? I answered him directly No kids!
Everyone just laughed. :D

Tomorrow we are going to cerebrate Robin's godson in Porvoo. 
He's very cute, talkative and he has so long and massive eyelashes. 
But he said to me he's afraid of me. :D 
Last time we missed Sara's birthday. Sara! The perfect Sara!
 Why did Robin get so cute godson and goddaughter? 
I must sew my second cover and do some decoration cause 
Robin's stepfather will visit us here on Saturday. It's a father's day!

Have a nice day<3

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