Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year

Happy New Year 2016!

Have you have a good New Year? Or are you still hangover? 

I didn't have any alcohol beverages. I just had a sip of wine last week.
New Year and Thai Traditional New Year are important for us. 
We don't celebrate Christmas in Thailand. But as I can see through Thai social media, people start to celebrate Christmas, have Christmas trees in the houses and exchange gifts.
My day started with helping my mom then Robert got me a tripod as a New Year gift.
I was so glad! I immediately sent my boyfriend a text. After I saw his text, I felt so guilty that it was my fault, he bought the same gift for me. It was my Christmas gift!
I must confess, every time we get into a fight, I never felt so terrible like this time.
Honey, you know you're my favorite boy.<3
My mom said : I should make a lobster menu for my boyfriend. 
( Cooking is not my favorite thing on the earth. ) It was too much seafood for us three. 
So next year we hope we see his face here. I know he loves food. :D
We never left the house. My family firstly thought they will visit a friend but we were really tired.
My mom and I prayed respect for Buddha over a New Year. 
I don't think we actually prayed cause my mom couldn't remember the right chant.
It made both of us laughed so out loud. 
Then we quickly ran to take some pictures of fireworks. My bad, I got nothing. :D

I hope this year will be the perfect year for everyone. 
Good night. <3 

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