Monday, January 18, 2016

Because Of You I Smile A Lot More.

We finished school early today. While I was waiting for my Robin to come home and make dinner.
I still have some projects I need to do. My first project is turning soap pump to something.
I hate throwing things away, even though it's broke. ( Oh no! I behave like my grandmother. )
Honestly, I broke while ago and we already got a new one. 
I never get enough having all organize boxes and storage. I always need to get them or do them my own. So I turned our old soap pump to a make up holder.
I turned the upside down, glued satin brand on with glue-gun and added pearl stickers to hide edges.
It's done! Very easy and fast! I also add some pearl stickers on my Ferrero Rocher box. 
I used it for collected roses that Robin gave me and it's really full. 

We made chicken red curry and minced meat salsa stuffed bell peppers for dinner.
I was hungry and felt almost fainted but it was worth for waiting. :) 
Delicious is definitely the right word! I used a small bowl to shape rice on the dishes because
on Saturday we went to Thai restaurant and Robin said why don't we do same at home. 
Here you are, Robin!
It's time to sleep. Good night the world. <3

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