Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love Without Engagement

Hello Saturday!

We had our last break before we finished our day. Maria started to have conversation with me.
She was asking about my life. Did I move here with my family ? Do you I have a house?
I directly answered her back. I moved here with my boyfriend, 
we don't have a house, just living in a apartment.
She seemed so shocked when she heard I said. It's very funny to see how she re-acted. 
She continued asking with her shocking face : you live with him without engagement?
The answer is yes! When will it happen ? Wedding? I don't know.................
In my country we can't do that, she said. Then she sat down and started talking more.
My friends re-acted the same as she did. :D
In Thailand is the same problem that Thai parents won't allow their kids moving together before they married. I have friends, whom are living in Bangkok and they are cool this culture.
But when I told my friends in Surin , They don't accept this culture. 
Living in Thai culture the girls should save them selves for M.r. Rights. 
But now do all Thai young girl listen what the parents told them? No!
Many people have been asking me a lot how do I feel ? What did you mom said?
Honestly, in the beginning everyone disagreed with me, my parents told me before that I can stay with them as long as I want but I have to go school.
It's hard for me because I don't want a long distance relationship. 
I love him and what's else I can do?
I told Robin to go and ask my mom for a permission. My mom understood.
Of course everyone want to be engaged before moving in together but I can force him to give me a ring. I know what some people see in my mom now, why you easily let your daughter away?
( In Thailand if you can't behave, it's your mom's fault. )
The whole world can say what they think of me but don't say anything about my mom.
I don't feel ashamed for living with Robin without engagement but it's going to be worse 
if I get mistakenly pregnant.  
There's one thing and the only thing I want is not having a kid before we married.

Have a nice a day.

P.S from head to toe outfit is gifts from my aunt.
A view from our school.

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