Friday, January 22, 2016

Sushi Dating

Today is Friday 22 January. It's always be a good Friday because we started school at 9 O'clock.
We had Finnish test yesterday. It went okay for me. I don't know how did I remember all the words.
Finally. my brain works normal again. Since the school started we complained 
why is this language hard to learn. I totally understand everyone, cause I was wondering the same thing from the beginning. But it will get better, trust me.
After I finished school, Robin took me to Sakura Sushi. Should we say celebration or it's just a date.
Yes,it's a date!
Robin ordered Sushi set and Inari tofu for me......... Inari tofu is not what I expected but it's good.
I have to make my own Inari sushi one day. Robin has never tasted it. 
Now must go and wash up the dishes and tomorrow to Porvoo. 

Good night. <3

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