Monday, January 11, 2016

Is It Okay To Have A Baby Before You Get Marry?

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It's another feel good day. My day went super great, and another positive thing is my Finnish teacher asked me if I think this Finnish course is too easy for me, if I want to change a class.
I have no ideas what the teacher noticed in me. I still think my Finnish isn't going anywhere.
 I never speak Finnish outside the class. 
When we were almost finished with the basic question ''Are you married ?'' in Finnish.
There a young man in my class, he's Muslim. He started to wonder why a woman, who sits next to me, isn't married but already has a kid.
Then we immediately said our opinions to him. Our teacher explained to him and us :
 it's very normal here in Finland that people have kids before get marry.
You're not married, If you want to separate, you can do it.
And a good thing from a Swedish woman said : here you should decide your own life.
I remember reading the Thai news in the end of 2015, it was a popular topic said 
''A celebrity names G is pregnant with her shortest relationship boyfriend.'' 
Everyone talked about it. Later a celebrity names G and her boyfriend confessed and apologized to everyone and the Thai society in front of all the press.
They said : getting pregnant isn't a mistake, we just took the wrong steps.
....... I 'm sorry, I know what I did isn't a good example for Thai society but we truly love each other.  
They've been together only few months. That's why the news shocked us all.
Many people wonder when do we accept this thing, is it okay to have a baby before you get marry?
And who changed our culture?
But few people comment that she shouldn't say sorry, it's her life, as long she has responsibility and enough money to take care a kid. Then nobody worries.
They are planning to get marry. Congratulation! 
She's almost 30, let her live on her own.
Every time this pregnant subject comes to my mind, I always worry about my self.
I must say I don't want to have a kid before I marry my boyfriend.
I heard few people told I'm not going to university, I have no future and I'm going to end my life, which having a kid before all my friends do.
For me having a baby before you marry is okay, as long as you think you're old enough and  have responsibility.
But firstly apologize to your parents. Everyone makes mistakes. 
Have a baby isn't about make love or push a baby out. As I see many young mothers and fathers 
try to survive in their lives, I think it's a hard job. 
I wondered before are they very happy having kids such a young age? No house or things that can give their kids to survive until their kids university life starts?
Robin and I never imagined having a kid before we have everything better in our life.
But I think they are happy, very happy. If it doesn't harm anyone then on one should worry.
 Sometimes seeing the kids just me think of having my own kid.
I understand all the cultures but I still respect my Thai culture and Robin is respect me too.

Good night!