Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If The Sky Will Fall, Walk To The Galaxy.

Hello Wednesday!

Yesterday our teacher went to hospital few hours before we finished school.
She gave us exercise and told me that I have to be a teacher and help the other.  
I still have no ides what she sees in me. 
I thought being away from the mainland, my head may lose all the memories. 
But I understood what she said. Today she's sick. Please come back!
Our day went sickly boring. We learnt some words and watched a black-white Finnish film.
But it was too difficult for us to understand, even it has slowly Swedish subtitle.  

Going to school gave me the flashback memories from my Thai school. 
We have to be in school before 8 O'clock because at 8 O'clock we sing Thai international song 
and pray respect for Buddha.
 Thai people have no problems to wake up early.
But when our winter arrives and there's one thing we hate is get to the shower. 
( In my home town 12°C was the coldest winter.)
My friends say the same thing : I do not wanna get in the shower.
I remember when we were in school, our teachers asked us a question :
Who has not showered this morning? Push your hands up.
I always wondered if it's really matter? :D Our teacher should know there's no one will confess it.   

 Good night! <3

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