Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not A Day Goes By I don't Think Of You

Today :
While I picked up the trash in Robin's car. I saw this card. Damn Robin! I almost throw it away. ^_^
 It was deadly -27°C cold outside in the morning. My first Finnish course started.
I'm glad to meeting new people. I also met P'Tan in school, she's  from my previous Finnish class.
And there's a woman from Sweden. Our teacher said : we shouldn't speak Swedish in class.:D

Wednesday :
Robin got Clas Ohlson gift cards so we spent it yesterday. 
We bought 2 photo frames. I cut my finger when I tried to open a frame. 
I'm always good at cutting my self.

Tuesday :
Robin firstly thought we will drive to Asian shop in Lahti but it was too far away.
We only visited the mall. They have Oishi Green tea in the mall.
It's my favorite drink in Thailand.  Every time I am in Asian shop, I always buy Oishi.

Then we had dinner at ABC, thanks to a mall piece of pineapple made this food not greasy.

Monday :
I finally got my teddy bear around my arms. It was a good new year start for us.
Robin gave me Ferraro Rocher. It reminds me when I was on job learning in the shop.
I was stressful and completely out of my mind. 15 minutes before I finished my day, 
Robin surprisingly walked in and gave me Ferraro Rochor. I smiled the whole evening.
He said : I heard that you weren't happy.

Sunday :
My last meal in Mariehamn. I helped my mom baking Curry Puff. 
It didn't look like Curry Puff but delicious. This is the first time we made it.
 Robert made Moroccan Chicken for dinner.  It was snow falling in the night.
None of them got some slept, they waited til 2 a.m. and drove me to Mariehamn harbor. 
I'm going to miss Frasse. Everyone loves him.

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