Sunday, June 26, 2016


Floral dresses are popular for midsummer look. But this year I said no thank you.
My midsummer look, I chose white and orange for good combination.
It's simply good look for summer. The reason I didn't want to wear floral dress on midsummer because I wear floral dress almost every day and this year 
I wanted something else. I stop buying white and black tops. I'm getting bored to wear them. That's why I chose orange.
I also love those earrings from H&M. 
This year Robin and I spent our first midsummer together at his mother's cottage.
It supposed to be the most beautiful memories for us but only Robin shouldn't play with the fire. What can I say accidents happen all the time. Thank god, it wasn't a big thing but it was scary moment. Our hearts dropped down to the feet.  
I hopped everyone is okay and had enjoyed this week.
Did you have a great midsummer yesterday?

Have a nice day. <3

Skirt and accessories : H&M / Top : Gina Tricot


  1. So cool and such a beautiful place! You look as beautiful as ever. I love playing with fire too. I think it's a guy thing. I had a great day and I wish many more summer celebrations for years to come.

    1. Don't you try to play with fire. :D It can be dangerous.