Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Floral Dress

Just want to say hello before I leave school to international park.
Hope you all are fine. I was so tired to blog yesterday.
I guessed I ate too much sweet. But only yesterday and the rest of this week and 
next I'm without it.
I'm glad that Robin lost weight. I don't want to force him but doctor told him that.
So we should do it together. :)
Yesterday we were at the delicious market. ( They called it so. )
Not many sweet to choose but we tried some. And I bought macarons, they are good.
I must go.
Have nice a day! <3


  1. Beautiful dress my dear, you look wonderful in this styling :-)

    1. Thank you very much. :) let me visit your blog.

  2. What a beautiful dress, you look absolutely gorgeous wearing it.
    Nice post!
    X Elien

  3. I love your dress, so pretty and such a happy color!