Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Country Side


Hello Wednesday!
As I always say I hope you have a good day. For me, today is much better than yesterday.
It's good to hear everything is also fine my mom. After she sent me a message that she missed
a fight from Hong Kong to Bangkok yesterday. And the reason she and the others missed a fight was the bad weather. And yesterday was her birthday, I've decided what I want to buy for her.
 She will come back to Finland next week. I still have time for that.
I didn't know that school started at 9. I was panic when I saw no one.
 I took a cup of coffee and a cookie while I waited for the others.
Our teacher took us to her second workplace. She's a Finnish teacher and a horse riding teacher.
It's such a amazing to be in country side but it was raining and cold.
 I was quite scared of the horses. They are so bigger than I thought.
But first experience of riding horse ( can I say that? ) I told teacher I didn't want to ride, just want to sit on it. She asked me why. I said I have a mother and a father to take care when they're older. :D
What I said it's so true. Then she said just come over here with it. My hands shook and sweat. 
I got almost heart attack. But everything went well. I think it was the first and the last to ride on a horse.
And what was your first experience of riding a horse?

Have a nice day. <3

I'm wearing sweatpants with white tank top today. It's so comfortable! I didn't knew that sweatpants 
can be fashionable. I'm wearing it because to avoid getting dirty on clothes. 
This is just a daily outfit but I don't wear sweatpants that made me so surprised!
Why don't I wear it often?

Tank top : Bik Bok Sweatpants and shoes : H&M Bracelet : Kappahl

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