Monday, June 13, 2016

When It's Dark Look For Stars


Hello Monday!
As everyone knows.... Laugh makes you live longer. I don't know what really happened at school
or the weather just made me so happy. 
My classmates just joked around then I couldn't stop laughing. I even noticed my tears dropped and 
my stomach got hurt.  Later I knew I needed to relax.
It's sure that laugh makes we live longer but laugh too hard may cause a heart attack. 
Am I right or not? At least being around people made my heart smile again.  
Robin just asked me do I  love summer? Of course. Who doesn't ?
The sun, flowers, beaches, fresh fruits are the best. And why summer is the best cause I can wear dresses every day. 
Anyway, we've been studying for too long and I need vocation now. 
So I can go to the beach and enjoy the sun. Now I better go and read Finnish verb type 5, it's almost ending. :)

Enjoy your day! <3

Old dress / Blazer and belt : Thailand / Hat and Bag : H&M


  1. this shade of Blue looks great against your skin. Cute look.

  2. Super cute!! <3

  3. Laugh all you want... It is truly medicine for the soul! Just don't have a heart attack!

    1. I can't force myself not to laugh. :) When I'm happy, I'm always crazy. :D

  4. Replies
    1. It's going to be easy, if you write in English so I can understand. :)

  5. Very cute and pretty with this dress dear! + also for you on Google+ :)
    I hope you'll visit my new post about our exhibition which I've made this morning. Have a great weekend! Kisses

    1. Hi, Hanna. Thank you for your comment. I'll visit your blog now. You're a good artist. :)

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