Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lucky Chinese Color

Hello Sunshine!
Today is very nice weather. I took my today outfit in the park. The old lady passed me and said in Finnish '' It's warm''. I said it back right away '' It's very nice.''
Her face turned blank. I'm from Thailand and I love the hot weather.
But we still can't trust Finnish summer. It can always start to rain.
  I wear a peplum hem skirt from Romwe  with a peplum top that I bought from Stockholm and the black belt, I think I bought it from Finnish shop, don't remember the name. 
Wearing the whole red today is absolutely fitted the theme. 
In this morning I just wanted eat squid then Robin took me to dinner in Chinese restaurant. 
I didn't expect that but he knows best.
Red is Chinese national color, you can specially see it everywhere in Chinese New Year 
or in China towns. Red represents good fortune, happiness and joy.
Peplum top or skirt fit is right for you, when you need to add curve on your body and
 if you like 40's style. Which I don't think I don't need it.
However, I must say we all have different styles and we should love our styles instead
caring much about what fits us or not. 
Fashion is art. Just have fun with it and you will find the happiness.

Have a nice day! <3


  1. Cute look, lovely place and you're very nice dear <333

  2. You look so lovely in red. As you said "fashion is an art"... You my dear are a pure work of art. You are an incredible person.... Stay sweet ❤

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. :)

  3. You look so pretty, love red color:)