Sunday, June 5, 2016

Roses Are Red

Good day!
How is everything going this weekend? I have language test on Tuesday and I know I should spend time on reading. But it's too stressful, I'm going to take it easy this time. I'll do my best, whatever it will bad or not. Let moving on to my outfit today....
The most important thing to dress up is check the weather. Today is really cold weather. I thought it wasn't so cold. When I walked outside, I could feel the cold through my whole body. And I dress up like I'm in Thailand. Wearing red colour, maybe makes my day feels warm.
Red, black and gold absolutely fit in together. Jumpsuits and dresses are the most easiest choices to dress up. We don't have to waste more time for choosing clothes in every morning. But the bad thing about jumpsuit is the zipper. If your jumpsuits zipper is on the side that won't any problems but if it is on the back and a zipper is invisible zipper ( like mine, on the photos. ) you know if you are at the mall and need to go to the ladies, take friends with you. I'm sure that unknown ladies won't unzipp for you and your boyfriend can get in to the ladies. 
Well, I have to continue my reading.

Have a nice day! <3
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  1. You look absolutely perfect... I wish you the best in your studies!!!!

    1. Thank you! I'll think about new school next year. :)