Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beautiful Mind In Beautiful Place

Since Ronin told me we will go to Kotka, I was sure I'll have a sailor style.
But it turned out to be very cold outside. I changed to simple style.
Kotka is located  in southern Finland. Kotka is known by it's port. This is beautiful place is absolutely  the place I wanna live. I love the parks. If I live there, I'll go to the parks everyday.
 Last year I visited Kotka, I still remember how amazing the city was.
Now is summer, it's the best! No words to describe.
We visited Kotka again because Robin's friend works in the ferry and he has free hours in 
Kotka and wanted to hang out with Robin. He is actually the first one from Åland island that met Robin since the graduation. ( We knew that people would go to Sweden, instead of coming to Finland. )  
We had dinner at Amarillo. I had Chicken Pocket, I recommended this Delicious dish to everyone, who doesn't like greasy food like me. :) It was so delicious!
It was such a short moment in Koka. 
But happiness never lasts longer then enjoy the moment you have.

Have a nice weekend. <3
Hat : Lindex
Jacket & Leggings : H&M
Shirt : Chatuchak Market
Shoes : American Apparel


  1. Beautiful outfit! Like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)

    1. Thank you very much! :) Yes, I would love too. :)