Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Leave The Bad Things behind And Start A Good New Year.

 Cat top : JJ Market  Old short : Kappahl 
Oatly  for breakfast!

Maybe, it's the best thing to waking up without snow outside.
What do you have for plans on New Year' Eve?
For me, all I need is having squids with spicy dip.
We went to Fish shop and bought some seafood there. I don't really like the smell of the seafood.
How can it be so different from fresh market in Thailand? 
Tomorrow I'm going to celebrate New Year with my family and have seafood for dinner.
My friends are in the mainland and in Sweden. I would love to hang with them.
But we all have problems, that we need to find solutions. 
Sometimes being away from home or everyone, it may help us feel better.
I wanted it too. Where should I go? Thailand?
At least Robin has checked the fights around Europe. 
I can never stop loving this man! He always makes me happy.

But before I finish writing this post, I must say thank you for all the bad things that has happened.
It teaches me to trust the right people.
Who's important and who is not. It makes me feel stronger. 
As Kwan said ''be reasonable and be concentrate.''  
I'll leave bad things in this year. 

Have A Happy New Year!

 Tomorrow I will eat you up. Lobsters! 

Frasse got a new toy.

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