Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sweet Home Maarianhamina

 It's always good to be home. I already felt like I was home, when I stepped in to the ferry.
It's such a good thing to hear people speak Swedish!
 I got my early Christmas presents, I'm so happy that I don't need anything else.
My boyfriend got a PlayStation 4 for 2 weeks ago. 
I disagreed what people say that when your boyfriend 
is concentrated on playing games, they won't be interested in you.
 Right now, I think they're right about it. But who cares? I got Victoria's Secret underwear.
I bought four panties and got to choose a Victoria's Secret mist for a gift.
I saw Diana bought Strawberries & Champagne mist so I chose that. I'm not sure if I'll use it.
It's very hard for me to choose the right fragrance. I hate the smell of people, who put so much fragrance on their bodies, it felt like they just walked out from the garden.
It makes me dizzy sometimes. 
And the anchor piercing I accidentally bought from Helsinki. So beautiful!

I came to Mariehamn at 1.30 am. Before that at the bus stop while I waited for someone picking me up, it was 2 girls asking me if I need a drive home.  But I said : No, thank you! 
Thank you for your kindness! :)
I recognized her somewhere here, maybe from old school. 
I always mistakenly called my mom's cat Hanse. His name is actually Frasse.
Well, I have no ideas where it came to my mind.
I didn't get sleep directly. I just played with Frasse and read my old diary.
Wow, I totally forgot what I and Robin had been through last year. 
How can happiness never last long?

Nothing is better than your mom's cooking. Just agree with me! 
I'm craving  for mango salad for days and months. Still, haven't found mangoes.
But mom made winged beans salad instead and brown rice. It's always delicious! 
And of course Ice-Cream for dessert!
They said I need to eat more before I go back to the mainland. :P

Good Night Åland! <3


  1. Oj, dendär Victorias secret - Strawberry and champange är en god doft <3
    Kom inte Robin med till Åland?

  2. Robin har bara ledig 1 eller 2 dag på julen. Han har int något semester från hans jobb.:D