Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Santa Huh

I prayed respect for Buddha. Just only 2 chapters while I tried to find 
''sharing of loving kindness''  chapter for living beings.
I don't remember it much. We used to do it in school in morning and before afternoon.
Some people are good at to create demerits. I couldn't pray yesterday.
So I did this morning! I hope it got it. Things you hope will hit you back like a rocket.
Remember that mirror has it reflect. 
I stopped believe in Santa Claus since I was little. I always looked at the roof and wondered where Santa comes from? How would I believe in Santa when all the houses in Thailand are without smokestacks. It was funny every time I think about it.
December never been my favorite month. Every thing bad happens in this month.
My grandpa passed away, cancer took him away in December 2009, I felt so sorry for what I've done to him in Thailand.
December 2011, it was the best Christmas ever. 
In December 2013, 6 hours crying over a guy.
December 2014 grandma Rut got sick, she fainted and hit  floor. Who knew, it took her spirit away. She never came back. She always had smile on the face. 
It's just karma. 
This December things will change. I will be vegetarian next year.
 I hope I dare enough to shave all my hair and cut my longer nails cause I will float it in the sea.

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