Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Capital Of H : Helsinki

This stressful week is over! Now I can enjoy Christmas vocation. When do I have it?
Just enjoy this month. I felt so disappointed with everything I've tried so hard this year.
I just failed it all. This year isn't my year but next year will be my lucky year! 
I'll try again.
( Actually, I checked my horoscope. It seems to be a good year for me. ) ;)  
I mean I hope so.......
I woke up 5 a.m. and had quickly breakfast, put some makeup on and walked 
to railway station. I met up Jenni right away and walked to Forum.
I bought some Christmas presents. We also visited a Victoria's Secret shop. 
I'll be leaving Kouvola on Friday, back to Åland. There's a VS shop in the Viking Grace ferry too. :)
I will spend some money there. 
Then we went to Thai Embassy for getting my new passport. Jenni was very excited and took photos around the building . :) 
I knew I'll have a problem with scanning my fingers cause my hands always sweat.
I haven't have Botox for a year! But the lady,who works there, she was so nice and understood.
She said : It's okay. Just take it easy. Everything will be fine. 
Jenni said it took so long to waiting for me there. Last summer I went to Thailand, I was stuck in passport control. It didn't scan my finger, It won't me let in to my home land! 
I did more than 4 times before I could get in. 

 Tom Yam goong ( Spicy Shrimp Soup )

 I always wanted to take photo in beautiful city of Helsinki but always forget it.
The biggest reason is must be Thai food. We can barely walk after having lunch.
Jenni wished to have lunch in Thai restaurant in Forum.  
I'm so glad I have good friends that enjoy Asian food. Cause I enjoy Thai food more than burgers.
I was more interested in salad menu, mango spicy salad is the best but who could help me eat? 
Jenni is not good eating spicy food but she was fine this time. 
We had Mee kati and Tom yam goong. I miss my mom's cooking!

Robin threw his head on a pillow so I must say good night. <3

A photo that I don't close my eyes.
And thank you a girl, who helped us with taking this photo. :)

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