Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas : Day 2

Good evening! How was your Christmas?
My stomach is full with food in 2 days. I surely don't need food in few days. 
Every one enjoyed the food. Specially, Tom yam goong. But they said it was quite strong favor.
Specially, bean sauce. Yes, mom did a bit spicy. Even I felt it too. :D
She didn't make any special dishes, just simple dishes. I guess, you all have heard about it.
Tom yam goong, Green Curry, Vegi spring rolls and Satay. 
It was a wonderful day when we all spent time together. 

You can only find true love at home! 

Good Night! <3

Frasse! You're so lazy!

My gifts : Angel candle and lollipops. 

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