Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pim Goes To The Sea


Hello Thursday!
Nothing special happened today.
 I wear the matching clothes I could possibly find from my little closet.
It was the last minutes choice.  But it's so my style. Never without anchor accessories and 
I also planned to get a anchor tattoo, I don't know when I dare to do it. I'm just scared! 
About my look today, I can't really say where I bought them. Forgot where are they from.
There are only 3 cities I usually buy clothes, Bangkok, Stockholm and Helsinki.
But anchor necklace is from anchor Anttila, anchor bracelet is from Bijou Rigitte and anchor earrings from Jatujak market. ( My favorite forever shopping market. )
I hope everyone has a great day too.
I must go and talk to my mom and I'm saying in Finnish '' Moi Moi'', which means Bye bye!
P.s never say Moi to Thai people. I'm warning you. :D

Have a good day. <3


  1. Great blog post, outstanding outfit 💖💖💖

  2. I'm always thankful for your sweet comments. :)